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Push Llc.

Plush stands for a woman who is more diverse in size but the great virtue of a Queen. It is a upcoming modeling group that will also feature clothing. Each model is a advocate for body positivity and self love. We also believe in giving back to the community as well. There is a little queens program called Sundaze, where each model mentor a young lady. Our goal is to give positive role models to the young women and help explore their creative passions


For booking: Plushqueenunited@gmail.com. https://www.facebook.com/plushroyalty/

Meet our Queens

"Not everything that glitters is gold but these Queens hold an inner shimmer and have stories to be told"

                                                             -Bri Gambino

Bri Gambino

Oklahoma based Social media: @Breezie918

Quannah Le'clair

Oklahoma based Social media: @quannah_leclair


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Plush Llc.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

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